Allows you to tweak several parameters to enhance your Windows 7 performance
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Tweak-7 is a program that allows you to tweak several parameters to enhance your Windows 7 performance.
By using this program you will be able to tweak the way in which hard drives, CD/DVD drives, CPU, and memory work. You will also be able to change some parameters that determine when certain processes should be launched, thus optimizing the usage of your system’s resources. You can also establish restrictions to the Control Panel, in order to protect your system from inexperienced users that could harm your system.

Tweak-7 also provides tools to enhance video usage, Internet browsing, e-mailing, and many other tasks. You can automatically tweak your system – and apply the program’s recommended parameters - by using its "Auto Optimization" feature.

This package also provides a bunch of utilities that will clean up and defrag your registry file, clean up your system from undesired files, and manage System Restore points. You can take "snapshots" of any portion of your system, which will allow you to roll back any operation and return everything to its original state in case anything goes wrong.

The evaluation version of this program will work for fourteen days.

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